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897 10 30 days - never received on time, always late Payment received: No. Increasing tardiness. First invoice was paid after 33 days, second invoice 40 days, third invoice: over 100 days. (a few thousand DM ). (Will work for again: NO WAY) they same to have moved from the north of England, Eva and Gary beat the price down as far as they can, they seem to deal with some of the most unreliable customers in Europe, in terms of offering large jobs (which supposedly justifies a price reduction) then pulling half of the job back, their money sems mostly to be in an account in Germany which they say slows Payment down, so I asked for Payment to my German account it was no quicker. some invoices took up 4 momths to pay. 1/11/2006
896 10 net 30 - No, at least a month late after a lot of prodding Payment received: Almost always a few weeks late (L200). (Will work for again: no) I assume this is the same agency that was in north-east England for a long time, since it is an usual name. They always paid very low rates and took ages to pay. 11/24/2010

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