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893 0 Soon after invoice with 3% surcharge on bank transfer - Yes Payment received: Yes, maybe one or two days late but generally on time with no problem (4,800 euros). (Will work for again: No (see below)) [Mod note: Rating based on excess unilateral discount.] Faust charge 3% to pay quickly by bank transfer and they had been doing this for some time. In March this year, without warning, they paid me via PayPal. This meant that I had to pay 10 euros (instead of 5 euros for a bank transfer), as PayPal Payments from Europe must be paid into a Business Account, which means much higher rates for the payee. I accepted the Payment, as PayPal is quick. When they paid me the next invoice by PayPal, I received 369 euros from an invoiced amount of 396 euros. Then the penny dropped. They had continued to deduct the 3%, even with PayPal Payments! When I protested to Christian Faust, I was told I had agreed for the 3% to be deducted. I then exercised my option to stop working with them. 3/26/2012
892 3 1 week - Yes Payment received: Yes (). (Will work for again: yes) 7/8/2005
891 10 30 days or 3 days with 3% discount - Always on time Payment received: Yes (Quite a lot). (Will work for again: I regularly do) Very nice and professional people to work with. Never had any Payment problems with them. 8/1/2008

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