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885 4 30 days - Never received Payment received: NO. I have not received my Payment whivh was due 2 weeks ago (GBP 199.72). (Will work for again: If they paid the amount owing me and the next fee in advance yes, on credit terms absolutely not. ) A few weeks after I invoiced Explicon they sent me an e-mail informing me that they were currently experiencing cash flow problems and were asking their 'valued transllation providers' (or some such term) to be patient. I later sent them at least one reminder by e-mail - no response. I never received the Payment and actually assumed that they had gone out of business. Some time last year I checked on the Internet to see if this company was still in business and was surprised to find that they are still advertising their services and indeed have expanded and now have opened a New York office. So clearly they can find the necessary cash to expand their business. I sent a further e-mail enquiry about my outstanding invoice and received no reply. I have now put this matter in the hands of a debt collection agency. If someone from the company wishes to approach me on this matter I will happy to 1/13/2006

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