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880 10 Don't recall - Yes. Payment received: Often late. Payment is often received 60 days after invoice (Average interpreting job was $100 and change.). (Will work for again: Yes.) Payment was always received in under a month, sometimes in just over a week, from my e-mailed invoice. 1/27/2010
879 10 30 days from date of invoice - Yes - slightly ahead Payment received: within 50 days, exact days unknown ($150 this year ). (Will work for again: Yes.) I think they are primarily doing interpreting, and do not have many sci-tech DE>EN jobs for me, but I have not had any problems at all. 4/19/2008
878 10 Net 45-60 days after submission of complete and approved invoices. - Yes. Payment received: NO. Almost never on time, usually at least a week or two late, but not long after that with much prompting. (The last one was of 141.49 USD.). (Will work for again: Yes.) Rob de Cortie was my first contact at Excel and he has always been very helpful. I also work for their agency in San Francisco and I never had any problems with them. 9/20/2011
877 10 I do not remember any problems with Payments - Yes,always Payment received: received on April 2, two weeks late (several hundreds of dollars). (Will work for again: No doubt) Although the price they work is low, they are a great team to work for. 6/1/2010

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