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830 10 30 days from date of invoice - Still not paid to date. Payment received: Yes, always very punctual (Euro 290.00). (Will work for again: Absolutely not.) I am still awaiting a transfer for the amount cited above (which is relatively small compared to other amounts I've heard about). I have been told that there was some problem closing the books last year and that they were not liquid enough to pay my invoice. I placed a call to Marjorie in mid-April and found this out after receiving no response to numerous e-mails. A recent reminder has yielded the check's in the mail line (namely that the transfer was made), but I have yet to see a penny. This was more than one week ago. I'll gladly update this post if and when I get paid. Else, I'm about to turn it over to my collections people in France. Companies should not hire translators unless they have the money to pay them. Anything less is thievery. 4/18/2008
829 10 30 days - No, still never received Payment received: Allways too fast (^50). (Will work for again: No) Non-payers, avoid at all costs. 2/28/2006
828 10 net 30 - No, received late January 2005 Payment received: NO. [See comments] (approx. ?250 ). (Will work for again: no) with a great deal of persistence, I managed to finally get paid, after having contacted the end customer and the president of Eureco group, pointing out that I held copyright over my transllation and forbade its use in the event of non-Payment. My dealings with Marjorie were most unpleasant, she threatened to blacklist me as an unreliable translator and issued not very veiled threats about legal action for having contacted the end customer. It turned out there was an intermediary between herself and the end customer and this obviously made things even more sticky for her. I'm surprised the woman is still in business and would warn anyone to stay well away. It's just not worth the hassle. For those of you who still have outstanding invoices with her, I'd be happy to provide you with any extra information you may require to get paid. 12/2/2010
827 10 net 30 - No, a couple of weeks late Payment received: As I recall, it arrived several months late (2000 Euros). (Will work for again: still do) Nice people, interesting jobs, need a reminder to pay, but always pay 11/20/2010
826 10 60 days - mainly on time, sometimes slightly late Payment received: see comment (over 10,000 USD since 2003 ). (Will work for again: I regularly work for them) One of my best customers, both in terms of amount of work and friendliness of PMs. 5/2/2009
825 10 30 days - Yes Payment received: Yes (several hundred dollars per invoice). (Will work for again: Yes) 10/4/2006

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