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work home translation jobs

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824 10 About 30 days, sometimes earlier - See comments Payment received: More or less. I do not follow the 30 days with them, because of small amounts, etc. (CDN 600). (Will work for again: Yes) Since all jobs bar one were very small, I write down the job number and amounts and when a certain amount is reached I invoice them, in order to avoid hefty bank charges. Soon after I invoice Esprit, a check comes through the post. Also, Judith is a pleasure to work with and she always sends lots of reference material and is very helpful regarding queries, answer in a blink of an an eye. I wish she had more jobs in my language combination. 11/10/2009
823 8 Net 30, I believe - YES Payment received: Payment was never late. (Over EURO 1,000. ). (Will work for again: Definitely. I hope she calls soon.) Frau Jacobs is very friendly and helpful. Very conscientious. 8/16/2011

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