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816 10 started being 30 days, then changed to 60 days - Yes Payment received: on time (Several thousand dollars). (Will work for again: Yes) Not much work with them this year, but quite a lot over several previous years. I found them entirely reliable and helpful when needed. 3/29/2012
815 10 30-45 days - Yes for the most part, there was a slight delay but it was due to initial paperwork not going through correctly.(And I take responsiblity on the paperwork being delayed.) Payment received: Generally 15 days late, but so consistently that it is not a problem. ($180 total for 3 invoices (approximate)). (Will work for again: DEFINITELY!) I mostly corresponded with Camilia Santos and she was always professional and a pleasure. 11/11/2008
814 2 My terms: On reception of the invoice - On time Payment received: occasionally a few days late, but never more than a week (no reminders needed) (107 euros). (Will work for again: Absolutely without hesitation) Annick is very very helpful and considerate. Rates were good for the job. She paid the administration/correspondance fee I always invoice without any questions. She is great to work for and I recommend her. 9/17/2010
813 8 30 days - About 3 weeks late Payment received: Average 3 months (100 euros). (Will work for again: Yes) I called Annick and sorted it out with her. She's great. Doesn't seem to be an accountant there so you just need to remind her by phone. 11/7/2005

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