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812 10 30 days net, but changed to 60 - several months late Payment received: YES, usu. between 2 to 4 weeks, last invoice was 2 weeks late, though. (2,500 USD). (Will work for again: NO.) The first time they paid my invoice (about 450 USD) 4 months late after several reminders due to their cash-flow problems. The second invoice was paid in about 6 months time after threatening to resort to debt-collecting agency and notifying the translators community of their Payment practices. The third invoice (1, 415 USD) is already 8 months overdue. Recently I have informed them that if I don't get paid by the New Year 2005 I will apply to debt-collectors and if not successful will file a court claim against them. I will keep you posted about the outcome. 7/26/2008 0:00

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