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810 10 30 days - NO, it arrived after months Payment received: YES (EUR 150 ). (Will work for again: NEVER) 2/10/2006
809 10 Net 30 [according to POs issued by them] - Not on time. [See comments] Payment received: Yes. (2,800 EUR in 2005.). (Will work for again: Probably not, but please see below.) As far as I can recall, they have never delivered on their net 30-day promise, but it was not until last year (2005) that delays became a real problem. A first partial Payment was made in late June, a second one in December, and they did not pay the last invoice (dated in April 2005) until January 2006. They seem to have struggled financially last year. They have given two reasons for this: one, they were suffering a small loss due to a change in their business model, and two, some of their clients took ages to pay (one of their major accounts allegedly went into bankruptcy). Their staff (including their CEO, who emailed me directly in a couple of occasions) have tried their best to keep me updated on their financial situation and, according to their messages, they made whatever partial Payments were possible whenever funds were available. On the other hand, they made it clear that the shareholders had the last word when it came to releasing funds fo 5/5/2011

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