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807 10 not specified, I would receive Payment around 30 to 45 days - Not noticed, I had to inquire once, but the rest seems to have arrived OK Payment received: YES (around 2000 euros ). (Will work for again: Yes, I am.) I chose to work for this agency despite noting some low ranking in the list. The working method seemed to be professional, the PMs were helpful and responsive, and their accounts department would inform me when Payments were deposited. I did have to check once or twice the status of Payments, but it could be because I was sending the invoices to the project managers rather than the dedicated invoicing address. Overall, although there was the ocassional delay, I never felt uncomfortable or thought that I would not get paid. 1/3/2012
806 10 60 days, but usually arrives sooner - Yes Payment received: First invoice was about 6 days late, second invoice is still outstanding (due today) (Approx. $500 ). (Will work for again: Still work for them) I haven't worked with the project manager in question (David Dunn is great!), but have had a good experience working for Enlaso. In my experience they mostly have small, intermittent projects, but I'm sure this depends on your languages and specializations. Always professional and appreciative of your work. 9/30/2009

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