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805 10 30 days, I believe - yes Payment received: SOMETIMES -270. (Will work for again: Yes) 8/18/2008 0:00
804 2 net 30 - received full Payment in March 2004, plus my late fee (2% per month) Payment received: Yes. (US$510.48 originally, total paid with late charges was US$663.63 ). (Will work for again: only with advance estimated Payment or some kind of third-party escrow arrangement ) They did pay eventually and did accept my late charges. Accounting told me I had to keep invoicing them every month with the new charges, which I did. The initial Payment dated March 4, 2004 only included a US$20 late charge (possibly they were doing this universally, since I never billed them for that particular figure). But I wrote to the CEO and gave all the details and a copy of the last submitted invoice (including the full late charges due at that point), and received Payment for the remainder due for late charges (another US$132.73) later in March 2004. I am submitting this only to point out that in March 2004 they were still called RWS Group (San Francisco), but now seem to be called Enlaso Corporation. I just received a 1099 (US tax form for independent contractor income) from Enlaso Corporation in Boise, Idaho USA for the US$663.63 paid in 2004 but had no record of the company. I found the Enl 1/3/2011

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