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800 10 30 days after date of invoice. - Yes. Payment received: Usually on time, in one case Payment was late by approx. 4 weeks (check sent to an old address) (150 euro.). (Will work for again: Yes.) I realize I did not do a lot of work for this agency, apart from the jobs mentioned above they offered me just two more jobs in the last two years (they do not have a lot of work in my line of specialization) which I was unable to take on due to lack of time. However, as it happens I am negotiating participation in a project with them right now and, if selected, I would not hesitate to accept the job. 1/21/2007
799 10 Not sure, but OK - On time Payment received: YES (About ^ 1300). (Will work for again: I do.) From my experience: You might get jobs where *you* think previous translators have done a not too good job, but where the *client* thinks previous transllations were OK. This has happened to me twice. In case one, and after some discussion, English Services and I agreed they (ES)would not send me any more jobs for that client, and case two is still pending. Prove your point and you'll be OK. 1/23/2012

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