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88 60 6 Not specified - Received after 60 days. Payment received: On time ($50). (Will work for again: Maybe, if they would pay the going rate. ) [Mod. note: Assumed standard US terms of 30 day for rating] They tend to lowball you on your rates, usually offering to pay half of what you quote them. I have been contacted several times again but they won't agree to my rates. --Otherwise no complaints. 12/7/2011
87 90 2 Don't remember. - NO. 3 months late --See Comments. Payment received: Always on time. (US$ 50). (Will work for again: No.) Received call late in the day for a medical appointment the next day, caller said that they were hard pressed and needed someone quick and then cut down my fee ih half. After completion of the assigment and sending my invoice I received a phone call from Rasheed requesting details as to what had gone on during the medical examination, which is a breach of confidentiality. I refused to supply that information. I never expected Payment, but it showed up at the end of July 2005. 2/19/2010

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