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770 10 My terms were net 30, not sure what theirs were - Payment received: On time (). (Will work for again: I still do.) I've done many many small jobs for Janos - into English/Dutch/Hebrew. I usually send him an invoice by the time the bill mounts up and I get paid usually within a month. Never actually checked cause I trust him and his checks are always honored. Janus Samu is a wonderful person to work with. Reliable and very fair. Don't hesitate for a moment. 9/17/2010
769 10 Usually within 15 days of delivering the invoice at their office. - Yes, it was always on time. Payment received: Always on time and if ever a glitch, promptly sorted out [usually same day] (Just over 500 euros.). (Will work for again: Yes) Eagle is a small agency with friendly staff. Payment was always on time and the amounts were correct. Their rates are standard for agencies in Spain. 6/24/2012
768 0 30 days - Not received, now over 3 months Payment received: Always promptly received (50 euros). (Will work for again: No, probably not. Too many headaches to get my money ) [Mod. note, Rating based on comments below (history of late Payments) and assumption that the 50 euros will also eventually be paid.] I have worked for Mr. Gassert myself. At first, everything was fine. Prompt Payment, good working relationship. However, everything seems to have gone downhill. His Payments are becoming slower and slower. Several months before each Payment is made. I now have an invoice from March that still hasn't been paid. It isn't such a large amount, either (ca. 50 euros). My inquiries are not being answered anymore. I know it's particularly irritating as every inquiry he makes with me has an impossibility tight deadline (several hours' time, Saturday morning, etc.). I only wish his Payment practices were also so urgent. 3/21/2006

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