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761 0 Payment terms were generally 60 days after receipt of invoice - YES (until May 2004) Then not paid. Payment received: yes (the last 450 euro not received (invoices dated May & June 2004)). (Will work for again: NO - but anyway it is apparently applying for bankruptcy - see comments below. ) [Mod. note: I am allowing what some might consider hearsay information in these comments. However, since the freelancer states that this information was provided directly to him by the agency owners, this is first hand information and NOT hearsay. Any information not directly related to the freelancer and the principals has been deleted] This company has a short but complicated history. And one from which translators can learn lessons. After WWTS AG (also Hamburg) went bust in 2002 owing money to me and many other translators, DL??V 'GmbH' emerged almost immediately with what looked to me like the same client and translator databases. My contact person and part owner was Alma Lukac (ex-WWTS). Another owner turned out eventually to be Norbert Mehl, who had been the manager of WWTS. For further interesting details of the WWTS bankruptcy German readers can refer to this link: => 2/26/2012

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