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757 0 30 days (agreed to on the phone by the PM) - NO, 124 days LATE Payment received: Yes. ($550). (Will work for again: If I have nothing better to do.) I had a very busy summer and never got around to sending DLS a reminder until the invoice was already 110 days overdue. They responded promptly with the familiar story about trying to overcome the mismanagement of previous owners. It took another reminder, and 2 more weeks, for the check to arrive. NOTE: According to an unrelated email sent in August, as well as announcements on their website, DSL has restructured itself into Advanced Language Systems International (see I personnally have no reason to dissociate DSL's payement performance from ALSI's record but will watch this space for any sign to the contrary:-). 12/29/2006
756 2 30 days NET (my terms, perhaps not theirs) - No - between 90 and 180 days Payment received: usually on time (several K$). (Will work for again: not sure) Diplomatic has very interesting work and they frequently require DOJ security clearance. If they paid more promptly it would be interesting to work for them. I am presentlty waiting on Payment for a $250 invoice that is at 107 days. I have sent a reminder, but have not gotten a response yet. 7/24/2008

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