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work home translation jobs

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753 8 30 days - yes Payment received: YES (around 1000 eur). (Will work for again: still working) very interesting jobs, although rates are low 9/18/2006
752 2 60 days - Yes - never more than a week late Payment received: Yes (Several hundred euros). (Will work for again: Yes) I used to do fairly large jobs for them about every two or three months in above date range. I haven't worked for them over the last 18 months and they don't call as often. They have evidently changed project managers as I have never worked for the a.m. person. 6/2/2009
751 9 n/a - n/a Payment received: Yes (n/a). (Will work for again: n/a) I have never worked with this agency but I spotted this on the website of If this is the same firm, then according to the website they were dissolved in November 2004. 9/23/2010

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