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749 0 Don't remember - was received without any problem Payment received: 1 week (200 euros). (Will work for again: yes) it was long time ago. I remember the lady wasn't very pleasant because I made a mistake in sending e-mail to diaCom and not DiaKom. She didn't understand one can make an error (was corrected two hours later). The payement though was rapid and the rate was OK. 2/7/2010
748 0 30 days. - No, about a month late. Payment received: yes (over 200 USD.). (Will work for again: Yes) Did 2 small rush jobs. David Grunwald replied to my 2 reminders asking to wait. I did, and the funds were wired without a third reminder, just as I was about to raise a stink. David also runs Global Transllations, Miami Beach, FL, USA. 8/30/2008
747 0 Net 30 - There was some delay in Payment for some invoices, but currenltly they have cleared all, even ahead of time. Payment received: usually late, 1 or 2 reminders needed (I send reminders when an invoice is 2 weeks overdue and, depending on the client, on a weekly or biweekly basis therafter) (Several USD thousands). (Will work for again: Yes) [Mod. note: Unable to rate due to lack of info] I worked on a large project in the beginning, after that I completed some smaller jobs. The latest assignment was about a month ago. Not sure if I'm still in their roster. 1/15/2011
746 0 45 - erratic- sometimes great, but right now they've owed me 477 USD since May 2004. Payment received: Always precisely on time (thousands). (Will work for again: Maybe) This spring they cleared up all invoices due to me, some dating back to October. Their Payment system seems to be hot and cold. I was originally contacted, several times, by the agency owner, Rick Woyde, so I thought they were a serious agency (they have three PMs, I believe). But some checks are very slow in coming, and I've been so busy this summer that I turned them down a couple of times. 12/14/2008
745 2 30 days - No, never received. Payment received: Initially timely, then late -- see Comments. (348.9^). (Will work for again: Never) Be careful, Mercedes is very tricky ! 2/18/2006
744 4 30 days - No, never received. Payment received: on time (348.9^). (Will work for again: Never) Be careful, Mercedes is very tricky ! 2/19/2006

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