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742 10 30 days - almost always late - sometimes up to 6 months (the last invoice a small one took 11 months to pay!) Payment received: yes (around 6000 euro at one point). (Will work for again: definitely not) total nightmare - nice people as first contacts then no one takes responsibility 11/14/2005
741 10 60 days - some delays, but not serious problems, they pay on regular basis. Payment received: YES (some thousands Euro). (Will work for again: I still do) 60 days or a bit more might appear very long. But OTOH when the first 60 days are over they are paying more or less regularly. If you are able to wait for your money, they are ok - so I still do work for them and will most probably continue this in the future. 5/28/2009
740 10 net 30 - Yes Payment received: YES (around 500 CAN$). (Will work for again: sure) 3/16/2011
739 10 I believe it's 30 days net. - --- Payment received: YES. Always (---). (Will work for again: ---) Dekryptos was declared bankrupt last Friday. This agency is now closed. I assume this info is of great interest to the unfortunate translators who still have invoices pending... 5/8/2010
738 10 not specified - NO, never received Payment received: YES (EUR 50.00). (Will work for again: NEVER) 12/2/2011
737 10 never formally discussed-but their official terms are supposed to be 60 days, as I recall - NO, NEVER RECEIVED ANY MONEY AT ALL Payment received: Yes always (200 euro). (Will work for again: ABSOLUTELY NOT) [Mod. Note : Personal comments or hearsays omitted according to the PP rules, and marked with (--)] (--) I had taken a job after receiving no replies when I had inquired about them on a couple of Payment practices lists. Big mistake. Days later, I received very negative reviews which you can read. Stating that they often only make Payments after many months (--) or that they don't pay at all. I was concerned about this and actually contacted them about this directly. Some Richard Lobet said that I would receive Payment very soon. Apparently, very soon means different things in different cultures/countries because I haven't received a dime months later. My e-mails are also completely ignored. From my own experience (--), they seem to have a complete indifference to making Payment. They just don't care. (--) 10/16/2011
736 10 Net 30 from invoice date - NO, Still not received. Payment received: on time (?65.00). (Will work for again: No) 8/5/2011

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