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work home translation jobs

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727 10 30 days (my terms) - Yes, always. Last job invoiced 18/8/05 and Payment received end Aug. Payment received: YES (L2,500+ ). (Will work for again: Absolutely. ) Sensible deadlines. Staff are professional, always a pleasure to work with. I wish they would call more often! But I believe a lot of their work is done in-house, at least for my language combination. 1/9/2007
726 10 30 days eom - on time Payment received: YES (Always within 30 days) (Several GBP 100s ). (Will work for again: Of course) An established firm of notaries, professional and pleasant 12/1/2007
725 10 15 days end of month - YES Payment received: always on time (Approx. DKK 30000 ). (Will work for again: Yes) 8/6/2005
724 10 30 days - paid early Payment received: Yes, speeeeeedy (GBP200). (Will work for again: without hesitation) 4/22/2006

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