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723 0 net upon receipt of invoice - No. 17NOV2003 Payment received: yes, before time (EUR 124.20). (Will work for again: Yes) Payment was delayed because of absence of the person handling the accounts (according to the response received). 10/6/2011
722 0 30 days frnd of month): 30 days from invoice date - YES, always on time Payment received: Yes (hundreds of Euros). (Will work for again: definitely) very nice people to work with 4/12/2008
721 0 60 days end of month - On time Payment received: Yes (A couple of hundreds of pounds). (Will work for again: Yes) They do try and deduct words for repetition!! 8/1/2009
720 2 30 days end of month (I think) - yes, always Payment received: Always on time (about 2000 euro in all). (Will work for again: yes) I have done many jobs for these people over the years. This is a serious, bona fide agency who always pay on time. I can't remember whether agreed terms are 30 days or 30 days end of month but the cheque always arrives on or before time. Good people to work with, interesting projects. 8/4/2007
719 2 approx. 30 days - never paid Payment received: on time (USD 216.50). (Will work for again: no) Everything looked very normal at first, they asked for my bank details etc. and specified by which route they would be paying me. When I submitted my invoice, they acknowledged receipt. Then I received no Payment and began inquiring after approx. 40 days. They made no responses at any time, in any form. 12/1/2009
718 4 Payment terms were (e.g. net 30, 30 days end of month):30 days end of month - YES Payment received: Yes (2000 euros). (Will work for again: absolutely ) 2/21/2012

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