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2802 75 not rating not rating 5 DAT France was removed from and for good reason ( I only did a 15 E job for them, and they paid 10 days late, after a truckload of emails. Their payment policy is 60 days end of month. 1/9/2010
717 0 30 days - YES Payment received: Yes, it was (4000 Eur + ). (Will work for again: I am working for them at the moment) My contacts are Carina and Olivier, both kind and helpful. 10/24/2006
716 0 30 days from date of invoice - YES Payment received: Yes, on time. (several thousands euros). (Will work for again: working for them regularly) great staff, kind, helpful and professional. Carina and Olivier have always been a pleasure working with, since the very first day of our cooperation! 4/21/2008

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