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711 10 60 days end of month - 70 days (from invoice), 90 days, not at all Payment received: No, 1 month (over 10 K^ total invoiced, about half paid). (Will work for again: NO) I have sent a mise en demeure demanding Payment in full by August 9. I have not heard anything yet. I am considering filing a request for an injonction de payer in the Tribunal de commerce with jurisdiction and hiring an avocat/huissier, but expect I will decide to just turn it over to Dun & Bradstreet Receivable Management Services for collection. 7/18/2009
710 10 60 days end of month - N0, definitely not. 7 months late. Payment received: Always on time (approx 3,000 ^). (Will work for again: NO, absolutely not.) Comments: 7/22/2009
709 10 60 days end of month - 70 days (from invoice), 90 days, not at all Payment received: Usually within 30 days (over 10 K^ total invoiced, about half paid ). (Will work for again: NO) Updated reply: Late in August I hired a huissier to file the forms with the business court having jurisdiction. On September 17, the court ruled in my favor ordering Payment of the full principal I requested (^6,885), ^460 in penalties, 2.27% interest from the date of the order and all costs and expenses. On the last day to contest the court order before it became final, they proposed to make 10 equal Payments and included the first Payment. I accepted the Payment plan, the order became final, and they are current with their Payments. 7/19/2009
708 10 60 EOM - 2 months late, only obtained after sending a bailiff with a Payment order issued by the commercial court Payment received: At first it went over 60 days but now seems to have stabilized to 2 to 3-1/2 weeks (700 euros). (Will work for again: NEVER IN MY LIFE) They still owe me the whole court and bailiff expenses and proceedings are under way. AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!! 10/8/2009 0:00

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