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707 0 60 days at the end of the month - They still haven't paid!!! Payment received: on time (1,700 EUR). (Will work for again: NEVER) Since they refused to pay, I had to do an injonction de payer, and I'm expecting Payment shortly now. STAY AWAY or have them pay upfront. 7/10/2009
706 0 30 EOM - NO, except for the first 1-2 invoices more than 30-60 days, always with many reminders by email, phone, etc. - last invoice of nov. 2003 was never paid Payment received: NO, up to 2 months late (more than 3-4000 euros, last unpaid invoice some 650 euros). (Will work for again: NEVER) [Mod. note: Error in rating of original response of Jan 20, 2004.] avoid them 9/17/2008
705 2 30 days - Always on time Payment received: Yes (about 10,000 Euro). (Will work for again: yes) Nice people, very reliable. They are proofreading every transllation. In the past, I also worked in their office from time to time (if they needed urgent support because some project managers were on vacation and if I had the time to do it). 11/28/2005
704 2 not specified - NO, Payment never came Payment received: Yes (approx 30 euros). (Will work for again: ABSOLUTELY NOT!) 12/3/2011
703 6 Net 30 days - Not yet received Payment received: one on time, one slightly late (USD35.00 (Minimum Charge)). (Will work for again: No) One other list had a warning about these people, but I did not check prior to accepting since it was such a small amount. Of course, I turned down additional jobs from these folks, because I had checked in the meantime. And I started sending Payment reminders immediately after this invoice became due, three altogether by now. All of them were ignored. 6/5/2011
702 10 Never specified - It never came! Payment received: No, Payment was never received. (770 Euros). (Will work for again: Absolutely NOT, under any circumstances. ) I am pretty sure the owner avoids me on purpose and has told the secretaries to tell me she is out of office. Otherwise she never works and never turns her computer on to check her email. I have called them at least once a week for 2 months and the secretaries always tell me that the owner is not there. I have emailed them several times from different addresses but never get a response. 10/19/2011

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