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697 7 Net 30 - NO! 20 Payment received: Never exactly on time, sometimes only a few days late, sometimes up to 2 month late. (US$1,200 ). (Will work for again: Never in my life ) I fell for the trick #1 in the con artist handbook. This company groomed me for about three months buy giving me small jobs and always paying on time. Then they gave me two big jobs worth about US$600 each, which I completed on time. I submitted the invoice after, Rachna Sudheen, the project manager, told me that everything was okay with the transllation. This was in Aug 2005, and to date I have not received a penny back from them. But I am not giving up. Even if I have to spend more than amount they owe, I am going to fight them to the bitter end until they pay up. Please email me if you'd like to know more details. 11/11/2010

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