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694 10 Net 30 - 14 months Payment received: Initially yes, then increasing delays, last partial Payment roughly 6 months late (US$1,200 ). (Will work for again: No) Payment delayed because of changes in account division (main account person left the job). Since writing the earlier comment, Crystal Hues Limited has cleared the debt by wiring me the dues. I still would not work with them because I believe having to wait one year for a Payment is simply not worth it, but that's my personal preference. 10/5/2010
693 10 30 net - NO, several weeks late Payment received: Payment was one week early. (some thousand US$). (Will work for again: NO) Only after several reminders, the company transferred the money by wire (even though they paid the transfer charges). Although the projects were interesting, they paid low rates and paid too late so that I refused to work with them again since their Payment attitude seems not to be the best. 10/19/2008
692 10 net 30, or when the amount is enough to justify the wire transfer fees - Yes Payment received: YES ($700). (Will work for again: yes) 8/21/2011

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