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2668 0 0 0 I am trying to collect on my unpeid invoices for the past 6 -7 months. Emmanuel Steen owner of the copmany is very unprofessional and arrogant. This week I secured a judgment agains the company from the Labor Department. My next step will be the States Attorney Office, I would not recomend to work for them. 5/4/2010
2667 0 0 0 As promised the payment will be within 90 days after the service. I accepted two assignments back to back. As of today, past 100 days, I have personally visited the firm after repeated e-mail asking them to pay me. Their explanation was that the Director Emanual is in charge of the payment. I have never seen Emanuel Steen in person amd he never responded to my e-mail. Please do not accept any assignment from this agency. 12/18/2009
2666 0 5 9 0 I give them 0 in overall rating because they didn't pay me a years worth of work. They were always very trustworthy, they always paid on time so when they stopped paying I thought they will pay me, they always do, it came to a point where I had to refuse to work for them unless they paid what they owed and do you think they cared?? I guess they just moved on to the next translator. I don't think that what they did is fair, and I want all the translators and all the customers to know that Cosmopolitan Translation Bureau in Chicago, IL is not the agency you want to work for. Customers should know that they don't pay their translators and maybe they should go out of bussiness. I'm bitter, but what can I do? 6/7/2010
2665 0 1 0 This agency refuses payment, fabricates excuses to withhold payment and pays FINALLY FIVE MONTHS LATE, pays a small portion of what they owe U. 5/16/2012
691 0 60 days EOM - always on time Payment received: No, not paid yet (200 euro). (Will work for again: I would love to) 8/30/2009
690 0 60 end of month - YES Payment received: No, not paid yet (several thousands euros). (Will work for again: Definitely yes) very professional Single Language Provider working for major international accounts (i.e. Microsoft) 10/8/2009 0:00

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