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689 40 10 90 days end of the month - YES, always perfectly on time Payment received: YES (several thousands euros ). (Will work for again: I am) great agency to work for, never a late Payment, always helpful, prompt and professional answers when needed. Definitely a go. 10/30/2009
688 30 10 30 days - YES, within 10 days Payment received: always on time ($1,000). (Will work for again: Yes ) I was unable to accept the last 2 offers due to previous commitments. 12/18/2006
687 0 10 30 days after date of invoice. - No. Payment was sometimes one or two months late due to my waiting too long before asking for my check. Payment received: NO, we never received the balance Payment of about EUR 2,300 (a few thousand dollars.). (Will work for again: I still do and intend to keep doing so. ) I have another address for this company: 4644 Geary Blvd., #170, San Francisco CA 94118 Crimson Medical Transllation is a subsidiary of Crimson Language Services, Inc. [Mod. note: Rating based on sometimes being 30 - 60 days late with Payment] 1/20/2007
686 30 10 Not sure - Yes Payment received: YES, earlier than expected (Hundreds USD ). (Will work for again: Yes) Their PMs are easily contactable. I like their approach: they always provide reference material and Linguistic Optimization Reports with detailed explanations of phrases and terms that may sound unclear. However, in the last months they tended to offer jobs with very tight leadlines (e.g., 4500 w in a couple of days), which I regretfully declined. 1/18/2012

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