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682 10 don't remember - The first Payment received in 30d, the second was invoiced on 28 July. Payment received: on time (Hundreds of USD). (Will work for again: Yes) My contact was Yuki Saito who left the company on July 31 2/5/2010
681 10 30 days from date of invoice - Never received. Payment received: on time (US $210.00). (Will work for again: no, never. ) Lillian, the project manager, called me and said that my colleague had referred me. She faxed me the project, accepted my rate, confirmed that she would FedEx hard copy to me the following morning, and confirmed my choice of editor and his rate. I had to go out on business that afternoon, so we agreed to speak the next morning. But I expected a PO to follow as written confirmation of her verbal agreement. Instead, she called me the next morning and said, I have now found someone cheaper, and we are going with them. The owner, Emanuel Steen, also called me to talk me out of billing them. He said that they had not sent me a PO. He also tried to claim that he had not approved my rate and editing monies, even though Lillian had specifically told me that he had, stating his name, on the previous day. He screamed at me over the phone, and was so verbally abusive that I hung up. Lillian also called me several days later, but she again tried to talk me out of invoicing Cosmopolita 4/15/2008

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