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work home translation jobs

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671 10 net 30 - YES Payment received: Still waiting for first 2 Payments (see comments). (Many 1000 Euro). (Will work for again: Yes) Pleasant staff. 3/4/2011
670 10 30 net - (YES) Payment received: Still waiting for first 2 Payments (see comments). ($1,000.00). (Will work for again: Yes.) 10/14/2008
669 10 60 days - 30 days Payment received: Yes, within 2 weeks (165 $ US twice ). (Will work for again: No) I took part in 2 transllation projects of 1,000 terms each and got paid a lump sum. Sounds easy, but the problem is their online software is not friendly user. You cannot copy the list of terms in Word and use the search-replace function. That would have been too easy. You have to re-type every single term (consisting of 1 to 5 words each). Some terms had accents which were replaces by empty squares. How can anyone search them in a dictionary. They never answered my emails about these terms. I got paid, but it was so time consuming, that it was pointless. At least, there was no time limit to do these jobs. 4/21/2009
668 10 first 90 days, then 30 days. - 60 days late. Payment received: At first it went over 60 days but now seems to have stabilized to 2 to 3-1/2 weeks (450 euros). (Will work for again: Yes.) 4/12/2010
667 10 net 30 - Payment still not received Payment received: YES (within 20 days) -2500. (Will work for again: ) So far I have tolerated this situation because they are very pleasant to deal with and I always got my money eventually, but now I feel the risk is too great. 12/30/2010

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