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661 6 30 days (no fail!!) - Yes Payment received: Quite late, but acceptably (several hundreds of Euros). (Will work for again: Absolutely) 1/10/2007
660 9 30 days end of month - Yes Payment received: Generally paid between 10th and 15th of month following due date. Cheque for invoice raised on 31/05, due 31/07, received 17/08. (^ 500 +). (Will work for again: Still do and hope to keep on doing so) Very professional people and very friendly indeed. 5/27/2007
659 10 30 days EOM - 5 days late Payment received: Usually on time, but I have had to send reminders on occasion. Payment on one job was a couple of months late, otherwise there have been several (4? 5?) that were several weeks late (105,46 EUR). (Will work for again: Yes, but... (see comment)) They didn't continue working with me, because I refused to sign (the poorly translated German version of) their contract in which there were some clauses I couldn't accept. Quote from their last message I received: It's standard policy at Concorde that we only work with translators who signed the contract. Of course we cannot force you, however, if you are not prepared to sign I will have to deactivate your name in our database. Sorry for that.... In spite of that I do not doubt at all that they are honest and correct. My contact was Jolande de Vries. 9/24/2007

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