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656 10 end of the month following month of invoice - Always a week or more late Payment received: yes, always like clockword (2,500 dollars in 2001 ). (Will work for again: NO WAY!) [Mod. note: not rated due to age of info and unspecified lateness. Comments regarding other translators deleted as only first-hand information is allowed] In 2001 I stopped working for this slow payer of low rates when they deducted from my last invoice the cost of an alleged re-recording OF 250 CDs made to promote the agency outside Spain. The reason: in my transllation of the text recorded on these disks I had left out one word: of. Their purchase orders indicated that, among other terms governing acceptance of jobs from Communicacion Multlingue, no exhaustive revision of the translator's work would be required. Now I think that, if you're having something translated for worldwide publication, you should have someone other than the translator review the text with a magnifying glass and tweezers before publishing it. Like two other unprofessional agencies I've found in Spain, CM doesn't agree with this principle. The conflict behind this episode arose when I got tired of thei 3/23/2010

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