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work home translation jobs

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655 10 net 30 days - never, always 2 weeks late Payment received: YES always on time (apprx 1500 euros). (Will work for again: definitely) I have simply never bothered to ask but I think they think 30 days from end of the month while I have 30 days from receipt of invoice on my invoice. But it is not enough to bother me since working with this company has been very nice. I haven't done anything with Etienne but with 3 or 4 other PMs. 5/25/2011
654 10 Usually within 15 days of delivering the invoice at their office. - yes Payment received: Always on time (about +5000 euro ). (Will work for again: yes. ) 6/23/2012
653 10 30 days (my side) - not always Payment received: YES, always on time (abt. ^ 1000). (Will work for again: certainly) Interesting projects. Payments were 2 days late, 10 days late and 1 day early respectively. All without reminders [Mod. note: All within the 10-day grace period for a 5 rating.] 1/8/2007

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