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649 0 30 days from invoice - Only a few days late, in part because they mailed a check from the UK to the U.S. and that took a little longer. Payment received: yes (GBP 65.00). (Will work for again: Yes.) They were very nice and professional. 4/29/2008
648 6 30 days - Always on time Payment received: - practically always on time or immediately upon reminder (Several thousand dollars per year). (Will work for again: Definitely) Great people to work with 11/24/2005
647 8 do not remember exactly. Probably, 30 days eom - Yes, received on time Payment received: Yes (About $3,000). (Will work for again: Absolutely. A valued client.) Aja is a pleasure to work with. She always answers her emails and pays punctually. I have also spoken with her on the telephone, and she is really very nice. I look forward to working with her for a long time to come. 1/22/2010

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