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646 6 30 days end of mont - YES Payment received: Yes (thousands of US $). (Will work for again: Yes ) It is a pleasure to work with Leo. He communicates clearly and promptly. He is thoughtful and fair. He has high expectations and appreciates good work. Payment is made within a week of invoicing. Leo is tops! 3/30/2007
645 6 30 days end of month - on time Payment received: On time (tens of thousands ). (Will work for again: do fairly regularly) don't know Lauren Hill, but the PM I have worked with (Monica Zuglian) is great... edits work extremely carefully, usually has good suggestions on terminology and is pleasant all around. 5/3/2007
644 8 net 30 EOM - Yes Payment received: Always on time (Total, maybe 500 euros). (Will work for again: Yes) Accountant needed help in working out how to put a wire transfer through to the US, but no real problem. 8/4/2011
643 8 net 45 - Yes Payment received: Yes. (a few hundred dollars total). (Will work for again: Yes) 9/6/2011
642 10 60 days - Late - around 75-90 days (invoice dates April 18 paid July 18 and June 28, paid Sept 13) Payment received: YES (2000 euros ). (Will work for again: Probably) Pleasant contact, but not very efficient at providing documentation and information (these were interpreting assignments), rates low end for the Paris market. 5/1/2009
641 10 net 30 - always on time Payment received: The last one was about 5 days late (about ?? 3,000 ). (Will work for again: definitely ) very nice and pleasant people to work with. Rate higher than most agency, but this may be due to my field of specialisation. Helpful if necessary. It's always a pleasure to work with them (and not only FOR them). 10/11/2010

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