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630 10 30 days - On time Payment received: Normally no delays. Sometimes, one week delay... (2000 USD). (Will work for again: I'm doing so right now.) Very agreeable. I'm quite happy to work for this agency and hope the work continues to come in. 4/1/2006
629 10 first 30 days, then they changed Payment terms (net 60) because they could not manage to pay at 30 days. - only one invoice paid on time, after that time, all the invoices were paid late and after many many email and phone reminders. One invoice is at today still unpaid (due Dec.2003) in spite of two certified letters from my lawyer. Payment received: YES (> 3000 eur ). (Will work for again: NEVER) 4/10/2010
628 10 30 days - NO, it was not received until the court ordered them to pay Payment received: No (600 euros). (Will work for again: NEVER) There was never any dispute about the quality of the transllation by the way. It took a whole year to get my money, so DAT got an interest-free loan from me for a year. 2/11/2006
627 10 60 days end of month - Only paid on Court order Payment received: YES (700 euros). (Will work for again: NEVER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE) I recovered a huge part of the sum owed through the small claims court and helped two other translators abroad to also get most of their money back, but we all lost a substantial amount in fees and time. 8/2/2009
626 10 30 days - almost 2 months late Payment received: NO. See comments. (640 Euro). (Will work for again: No) 11/13/2005

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