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616 10 net 30 - always on time Payment received: YES (several thousand euros ). (Will work for again: I still do) Although the agency has always been quality-oriented, lately they changed they price policy and asked me to reduce my tariffs. As I did not accept, I now get less work than I used to. But they still are a god customer. 10/15/2010
615 10 45 days - always on time Payment received: on time (several thousand dollars ). (Will work for again: I am working on a 35000 words project as we speak ) Alfredo is a very reliable person, very supportive, and working for him is a real pleasure. 12/17/2008
614 10 30 days - Yes, < 30 days Payment received: Yes (340 EUR). (Will work for again: Yes) 11/7/2006
613 10 30 days - yes, a few days late Payment received: (several hundreds of pounds). (Will work for again: yes) 11/10/2006
612 10 30 days - Yes Payment received: ($1,000 or more). (Will work for again: Yes) The project manager I worked with was Michel Sum. We had a very good working relationship and I would work with Cincilingua again, any time. However, I have not worked with them in the past 1-2 years, so I am not sure if anything has changed during this time. 5/24/2006
611 10 60 days EOM - Always received on time Payment received: 2 weeks late (both invoices) (Tens of thousands of euros in 5 years). (Will work for again: In the middle of a big project for them now. ) Very good agency to work with - with a good quality control department. 9/1/2009
7 16 9 9 8/7/2012

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