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2859 70 0 9 3 Once a great company to work with, still has very good PMs but is now a habitual non-payer since mid-2015. I''''''''ve firmly requested payment in over three occasions of very long delays (ranging from 15 to 40 days overdue), and only a WWA entry on Proz.Com seemed to move them slightly. Now waiting for my last payment since I''''''''ve stopped collaborating with them, and they''''''''re still delaying it. 2016-11-07
595 0 Payment terms were (e.g. net 30, 30 days end of month): - Payment received: YES (early) (). (Will work for again: ) Mr. Chadeayne used to have a transllation company [called Wordnet] at that same address, sorry I cannot remember the name just now. It has been many years since I did any work for him. 2/19/2012
594 10 30 days - On time Payment received: yes, sometimes early (). (Will work for again: without hesitation. ) 4/11/2006
593 10 60 days - On time - often earlier than stated terms (usually within 45 days) Payment received: Yes (Several thousand euros). (Will work for again: I do, regularly.) 5/21/2009
592 10 60 days end of month - YES - often early Payment received: Yes, always pay promptly (Several thousand Euros). (Will work for again: I do regularly.) One of my best agency clients. 8/3/2009
591 10 60 days, if I remember well - YES Payment received: Yes (over 3000 euros). (Will work for again: yes) I only worked once for them, an inhouse project for 3 weeks. don't know Emma Bale or Vincent. 10/3/2009
590 10 30 EOM - YES Payment received: Yes (ovre 3000 euros). (Will work for again: yes) I only worked once for them, an in house job. the contact was pleasant, Payment on time 10/8/2008
589 10 30 days end of month as far as I remember - Paid after exposing them on Payment practice websites Payment received: YES (early) (100~200 USD). (Will work for again: never.) [Mod. note: Unable to rate due to lack of info on how late Payment was received] They have paid me yesterday after posting this and posting comments on Proz. 8/19/2007
588 10 Initially 30 days after date of invoice (my terms), changed this year by the agency into 60 - never got paid Payment received: Never (100~200 USD). (Will work for again: never.) Unreliable people and [comments edited]. Stay far away from them. 7/18/2010

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