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587 10 about three weeks after end of the month. - never paid Payment received: on time #NAME? ($15). (Will work for again: don't think so) this agency contacted me once. They needed a very small transllation right away. I am still waiting for Payment. I will keep you updated if they pay. 11/13/2009
586 10 45 days - on time, earlier some times Payment received: Invoice issued 16.7.04 pmt recd 4.9.04, inv. 27.9.04 pmt 4.11.04, inv 15.10.04 pmt 17.12.04. (at least 1500 euros but more I guess). (Will work for again: sure!) very nice people, very professional 1/3/2009
585 10 45 days - not yet due Payment received: 18 calendar days (500US). (Will work for again: Yes.) Dr. Jiri Stejskal, Cetra's founder, is the current Treasurer of the American Translators Association. My invoice is not yet due, but I am entirely confident that it will be paid promptly. 1/1/2009
584 10 net 30, or when the amount is enough to justify the wire transfer fees - always Payment received: from what I remember yes (a lot... ). (Will work for again: ) they are the BEST! I wish they would call me more often (:-) 8/20/2011
583 10 net 30 days - always received quite early Payment received: YES (a few thousand dollars ). (Will work for again: in a heartbeat) have not worked with the PM mentioned, believe she is knew, but have worked with the owner, Jiri Stejskal several times and he's super to work for - always very pleasant and appreciative. In the interest of full disclosure, Jiri is the Treasurer of ATA and I'm Pres-Elect, so we're colleagues on the Exec Committee. 5/21/2011
582 10 net 30 - YES Payment received: The first invoice took exactly 5 months to be paid. The second one was not paid yet. ($11,000 this year alone (two invoices still outstanding but due next week)). (Will work for again: Absolutely. I am right now.) CETRA is hands-down my favorite customer. The projectsare always really interesting. The client I work for usually has plenty of minimum jobs - sometimes stretching over several months, but the ones worth thousands of dollars make the little ones worth it. Jiri Stejskal is the treasurer of ATA and very respectable and professional. Beth Podrovitz, his project manager, is also very easy and fun to work with. I highly recommend this company. 3/5/2011
581 10 45 days net - YES Payment received: L745.79 still outstanding (about USD3000 ). (Will work for again: Definitely) CETRA Inc is very professional company to work with. Initially I've worked with Jiri Stejskal, the owner and more recent jobs with Beth R. Podrovitz. I highly recommend this agency. 3/5/2009
580 10 30 Net - Yes Payment received: no, 3 weeks late (many K USD). (Will work for again: Definitely) Cetra has come up before in this list, and you can count yourself fortunate to work for them. The owner, Jiri Stejskal, is finsihing his second term as Treasurer of the ATA and will be running for President Elect this fall. This is a most reputable organization. 10/24/2008
579 10 50% Immediate [day following delivery], 25% 15 days net, 25% 30 days net - Yes Payment received: Yes, I think so. It actually took 2 months from the invoice date, but that date was in the middle of July. (Substantial ). (Will work for again: Ongoing) Jiri (pronounced YIR-zyi) is the current ATA treasurer and an honorable gentleman. You will not have any problems working for his company. 4/7/2009

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