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567 10 30 net and sometimes before - Yes Payment received: No, a couple months later (several thousands). (Will work for again: Definitely, and still do) Great company to work with. The PM's in the telephonic department are a great group to work with. Very pleasant and professional. 10/31/2008
566 10 Usually net 30. - YES Payment received: YES (A few thousand dollars.). (Will work for again: Always.) Great client to work with. 6/21/2012
565 10 I believe 30 days end of month - yes Payment received: Yes (A few hundreds). (Will work for again: Most definitely ) Mary is very nice and a pleasure to work with. 5/4/2010
564 10 Net 30 - The first one was a couple days later, but since then, everything has been on time Payment received: Yes, always in time (under $1000). (Will work for again: Yes!) I was originally working with Dana Weiss, but now I'm working with Barbara Perez. They are great people, and the deadlines are reasonable. They paid the rate I asked. I very much like working for CORE. (Note: I also met Dana at the ATA conference last year in Seattle. She's really nice!!) 1/12/2011

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