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553 10 30 days from invoice date - No Payment received: On time ($50). (Will work for again: No, it is on my black list) [Mod. note: Not rated due to lack of info. Can't tell if Payment was late or not received.] This happened a long time ago. The person was Vincent Renard. Just not professional. 5/8/2008
552 10 60 days, the 10th - Yes Payment received: Yes (several thousands euros). (Will work for again: Yes) 10/4/2009
551 10 60 days eom, Payment on 10th of following month - Mostly yes, a few days late once or twice. Payment received: NO, Payment received within 40 to 60 days (several thousand euros. ). (Will work for again: Yes.) Payments made promptly since bank transfer method used, instead of cheques. 9/13/2009
550 10 30 days net - Always on time. Payment received: No. Over 60 days (Don't know for sure, but pretty high). (Will work for again: Still am. ) This is a very respectable company. They are all very nice, and helpful, from the owner (Pascual Cappella) to all the PM. 5/27/2008
549 10 not specified to me - first time, cheque on day work done on site, subsequently reminder @ 30 days brought Payment by 60 days Payment received: on time (~ L650). (Will work for again: yes) [Mod. note: Not rated due to lack of Payment terms] delays appeared to be through lack of communication rather than any unwillingness to pay 12/28/2011

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