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546 10 30 days - NO, never received Payment received: YES (106 Euro). (Will work for again: Never) 2/17/2006
545 10 45 days - No, about 30 days or more Payment received: yes, like a clock (Euros 500 ). (Will work for again: maybe) Well, they seem to know the profession and eventually paid. The bad thing is that they do not always reply to inquiries. 12/27/2008
544 10 30 days - both paid on 13/10, so one was 45 days late, and the other 21 days late Payment received: YES (590 euro). (Will work for again: probably, though they haven't approached me recently. ) Pleasant people, possibly a little disorganised. But they seem genuine enough. 12/17/2005
543 10 60 days eom - YES Payment received: NO, Payment received within 40 to 60 days (several thousand euros). (Will work for again: yes) 9/7/2009

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