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536 0 net 30 - YES Payment received: Always on time (350 GBP ). (Will work for again: Yes ) Friendly and professional agency 2/8/2011
535 4 30 days EOM - Yes Payment received: NO always late, up to 6 months late (Thousands of ). (Will work for again: Yes, definitely ) Comments (if any):Very friendly PMs, interesting jobs, I'd work for them anytime 1/22/2008
534 10 net 30 - YES Payment received: First yes, second about three weeks late (350 GBP ). (Will work for again: Yes) Friendly and professional agency 2/9/2011
533 10 net 30+ - YES Payment received: YES (altogether around 400 per month). (Will work for again: YES, absolutely no problem. ) I have worked for this agency for many, many years and NEVER had a problem at getting paid. Fay and the rest of the staff are very friendly. Over the years (more than 20), there was just one problem with one customer not wanting to pay for a very large job and that was resolved very amicably. Very professional. I have stopped working with them because I have started a full time college course on herbalism. 8/27/2011

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