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530 6 Net 30 days - NO - Only DM2400 of DM 3200 was ever paid despite legal action Payment received: yes, within 3 weeks (DM 800). (Will work for again: NEVER) The company went bankrupt, defaulting on Payments but has has resumed trading [Mod. note: Hearsay, third-party info and libelous comments deleted]. 5/26/2011
529 10 approx. 30 days - The first, small invoice was paid promptly. The remainder - Euro 1600.00 - was never paid. Payment received: No, very late (Currently owing Euro 1600.00.). (Will work for again: NO) The July invoice, for approx. 115 Euros, was paid quickly. Based on this, I took on further work. When no further Payment arrived despite steady work, I inquired and was told that due to the high cost of wiring fees, they would like to wait until the (small) invoices had accumulated to a larger amount. This made sense from other (good) clients, so I agreed. They then wanted me to invoice at the end of each month. I did this for September and October, by which time Payment was supposed to be on the way for August. At the end of October, having given me a rush job and acknowledged receipt of my October invoice, they stopped responding to my inquiries re Payment,. I had indicated from early October onwards that I would need to receive Payment very soon. At this time, they also stopped sending me work (probably guessing correctly from my inquiries that they had pushed me to the limit, where I would stop accepting work and demand Payment). They never gave a reason for not paying, simply 12/2/2009
528 10 30 days - First 2 jobs were paid (late), last 5 jobs never paid Payment received: No, 3 to 5 months late, received 07/08/2003, 22/09/03, 12/11/03 and 22/09/03 respectively (app. Euro 200 outstanding). (Will work for again: NEVER) Mrs. Bull gave me 7 small jobs over a span of 2-3 months, paid the first 2 after 45 days and never paid the rest. I initiated legal action, but in the end my lawyer advised me it wasn't worth the expense because of the relatively small amount involved. [Hearsay info deleted] I also contacted the Public Prosecuter's Office in Munich in 2003 and was told that she is under investigation for fraud. The fact that this woman is still in business after all this time is an affront to all hard-working translators and to any sense of justice. 12/25/2005
527 10 30 days EOM - Yes, except one brief delay Payment received: YESS (GBP 500). (Will work for again: Yes) 3/22/2008
526 10 net 21 days - NO - STILL NOT RECEIVED Payment received: No, 90, 32 and 48 days late ($132). (Will work for again: NEVER AGAIN) This was a small very rush job. Neil Gauld was satisfied but Neil Gauld has been very evasive on the subject of paymend and I am still waiting to receive this smal amount 70 days after date of invoice. It's a pity these few bad apples sully the transllation business. 10/3/2010

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