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525 8 30 days end of month, I think - a few months, maybe a semester Payment received: In Spring 2004, Payment began to slow down significantly, 3.5 months after the job in one case. At present, the oldest unpaid invoice is 3 months old and counting. (55BP). (Will work for again: ) Mr Gauld was prompt to send the job, not prompt to pay such a small amount into a UK account. I called to ask for Payment, he wrote back to say that he had posted the amount in my UK account and I did not waste more time because the amount was small (he was pleasant on the phone though). Recently he contacted me for a proofing job (with dates and all) but never wrote back, not even to cancel it. Overall I was not very impressed and I am left puzzled... it this an organization issue?? Is this intentional??. Would I work for them again? Yes for someting painless, not for my monthly salary 8/28/2007
524 10 30 days EOM - Yes Payment received: No, two months late (under 60 Euro ). (Will work for again: Yes) 1/31/2008
523 10 Not specified - More or less. I do not follow the 30 days with them, because of small amounts, etc. Payment received: Yes (some thousand pounds ). (Will work for again: Yes) Neil Gauld and Josian Phillips are really nice people, they reply queries when possible, etc. 11/29/2011
522 8 30 days after invoice was issued. - Payment was never late. Payment received: Yes (it varied, on average- US$100 (there was not a lot of work for Portuguese ). (Will work for again: Yes, I received an invitation to send my info their database too. ) I had an in-house position in the foreign language department. And they would also give the projects in Portuguese as a freelancer. They are very honest and professional. 2/27/2007
521 9 30 days after month end in which invoice is received at TEK. - YES Payment received: Yes (Less than L100). (Will work for again: Yes) I have added the name and address of the company I worked for below. I only worked for them once, and it was for a small amount, but Dorothy seemed to be an upstanding person, and I would be happy to work for her again. [Mod. note: original query was on Bridge Language Solutions] Bridge Transllations 3 Albert Chambers, Canal Street Congleton, Cheshire England, CW12 4AA Contact: Dorothy Spear 3/1/2007
520 10 30 days net (after the job was completed, issued a statement that invoices are to be paid on the 25th day of each month) - a month late, 24th July 2006 Payment received: Yes, sometimes before. (1,050 pounds). (Will work for again: no) 7/21/2008 0:00
519 10 30 eom - Yes Payment received: YES (GBP 200 ). (Will work for again: Yes) 10/6/2008
518 10 by return of post - yes Payment received: still haven't paid (several thousand pounds). (Will work for again: without hesitation) work slowly fell off over the years and I have not received anything since April 2004 1/1/2010

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