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517 10 30 days EOM [see below] - Yes Payment received: YES (GBP many hundreds). (Will work for again: Yes, provided the new system is robust [see below] ) They used to pay very quickly [sometimes by return, mainly within 1 to 2 weeks from invoice date]. However, after a hiatus and recently having done some jobs for them I received an email, the following being extracts therefrom: 'With effect from 1st May 2006 Brack & Associates Ltd has become part of the Derwent International Communications Group of Companies. The aim of this merger is to give Brack a greater breadth in customer base, and to consolidate our supplier base in the fields of technical Transllation and Interpreting. Due to the sheer volume of supplier Payments we are now processing each month, we are currently upgrading our accounts and Payment system to a new system operated by Barclays. Our objective in making this change is to streamline the Payments process for all translators and interpreters. In the past we have operated a system whereby Payments are made randomly by a combination of cheques and electronic Payments and 3/30/2008
516 0 A consolidated invoice is to be sent to their specified email address by 25th of each month - on time Payment received: Yes (A few GBP 100s ). (Will work for again: Yes) Have not worked with them since ca. 2000, probably because of the lack of suitable jobs. Don't remember any problems at any time. 11/3/2009

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