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515 0 Cash net 30 days - Generally 15 days late, but so consistently that it is not a problem. Payment received: Always on time (bewteen USD 80 and USD 10,000. Sometimes dozens of invoices per year.). (Will work for again: Yes.) My comments apply to the parent company's transllation division, which focuses on financial and legal transllation in support of Bowne's mission as a global financial documentation company, and specifically Bowne offices in New York, London and Paris. Bowne also owns Bowne Global Services, which in turn has acquired many other transllation companies. Some well-known brands that now belong to Bowne include Berlitz, Mendez, Lernout & Hauspie, Terra Pacific, IDOC and others. 1/4/2010
514 9 21 days after invoice - occasionally a few days late, but never more than a week (no reminders needed) Payment received: on time (some thousand USD since 2002 ). (Will work for again: I still do) One of the best agencies I've come across, even though they are demanding and the deadlines are sometimes really tight. Greg Babb is the head of the project managers - great person! 8/24/2005
513 10 net 30 - First invoice was about 6 days late, second invoice is still outstanding (due today) Payment received: Yes (approx. $1,000 ). (Will work for again: Yes) I am not familiar with the project manager specified in the inquiry. I have been working with Bowne Global Solutions in Montreal for a while now and recently started working with Bowne's New York office. They just switched over to an electronic invoice system, which makes it easy to submit invoices and maintain an overview of the outstanding invoices. I assume that is why the first invoice was delayed - but only by a few days. When I wrote about the overdue invoice, I was informed Bowne sends the checks out every Friday and received the check on the same day as the response to my inquiry. I was very impressed with the speed of their response and forthrightness. I will definitely work for them again. 10/27/2010

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