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512 10 5th of the month following delivery - SOMETIMES Payment received: on time (Thousands of dollars). (Will work for again: Not sure) When I first started working for Bowne I was very happy with them. Payments on time, people easy to work with. In the past year or so, things changed. In January 2005 I did a job for $1000+ but did not receive Payment on time. The project manager, who was a subcontractor not located in NYC (although everything goes through the NYC office), had a lot of trouble straightening it out. The check did not arrive until late April, after numerous telephone calls to the PM and the NYC accounting office. I was always polite, but nonetheless I have not heard from that PM since, and I suspect it may be due to embarrassment on her part, we had worked together for several years before that. Also, I found their online invoicing system extremely non-user-friendly. It required multiple steps, and one would reach a point that appeared to be the final screen [submit invoice or similar] -- but in fact there was one more to go, however, it was not at all clear that this was the case. I had troub 4/9/2009

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