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511 0 30 days (mine) - maily on time, if cheque doesn??t arrive within 1 week of the due date I just need to send one friendly email reminder and the cheque is cut almost immediately. Payment received: 1-2 weeks late (close to USD 10000). (Will work for again: Certainly, they are just great!) I have not been working for the specific project manager, this info request was regarding, but I am working with many other project managers in their team, also from the London Branch and I am just happy with their way of dealing with their translators. Perfect agency. 1/6/2007
510 0 net 30 - Usually on time, in one case Payment was late by approx. 4 weeks (check sent to an old address) Payment received: mostly on time or within 1-2 weeks, sometimes 3-4 weeks late (approx. 700 USD). (Will work for again: Certainly) 1/20/2011
509 0 30 days - YES Payment received: yes (a few thousand dollars). (Will work for again: YES) very professional, reasonable, cooperative and friendly 9/9/2006

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