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506 0 30 days end of month (ours) - Initially yes, later no (see comments) Payment received: yes, usually on time ($2500 US). (Will work for again: Not unless issues are resolved.) When I began working for Bowne Montr??al in September 2003, they were a timely payer. However, after their first $47 Payment on October 23, 2003, all Payments ceased, the PM informed me that they were migrating to a new accounting system, apologized for the delays, and asked me to be patient. On December 31, 2003 I was forced to suspend service for nonPayment. On January 17, 2004, Payments resumed on an oldest-first basis for jobs completed in September 2003. By February 19, 2004, all outstanding invoices had been paid, and the PM agreed to add two hours ($60) as compensation for the lateness. I reinstated them and did four jobs in March 2004 totaling $350 US, which were timely paid, but the extra two hours were never paid, and the original PM is no longer with the company. The new PM (Nicole Gendron) has promised several times to honor our agreement, but nothing has ever come of it, and she no longer responds to my messages or offers new work. I plan to 8/8/2007
505 0 45 days - on time Payment received: n/a (several thousand). (Will work for again: See comments below.) [Mod. note: Not rated due to age of info] Although they have a good reputation in Spain, and they carry large projects that can maintain you for several months, the truth is that they called me back in May, offering me the same rates I had back in 2001. I tried to renegotiate, but they were not eager, so I turned them down. So they are possibly cutting their overhead (large offices in an expensive building in downtown Madrid, I've been there) by cutting their expenses in translators. 1/2/2009
504 7 45 days end of month - mostly on time, only a couple of times it suffered a slight delay Payment received: YES, ALWAYS (several thousands). (Will work for again: No, never again. ) Their quality and prestige have sunk since they decided to drastically cut rates. By the time I was working for them, they were paying 0,054??/word. But they didn??t mind loosing a lot of high quality translators that, after having worked for them for years and having proved their value, decided not to accept the fees reduction. Now they are desperately looking for people. 2/17/2009
503 10 single invoice towards the end of the month to be paid to be paid on the 15th of the second following month - Yes Payment received: NEVER (thousands of euros). (Will work for again: Yes) They can provide a huge amount of work and always pay on time. 3/26/2012

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